Audio: Tucker Carlson made explicit jokes about Trot over Teen USA contestant

Audio: Tucker Carlson made explicit jokes about Trot over Teen USA contestant

Fox Files host Tucker Carlson may perchance additionally be heard in newly unearthed audio making explicit jokes a pair of outmoded Trot over Teen USA contestant on a “shock jock” radio program years ago.

The edited clip, released by the left-leaning watchdog organization Media Matters and first printed by the outlet NowThis, portrays Carlson making the jokes in a 2007 interview.

Carlson speculates with interviewers on the “Bubba the Esteem Sponge Portray” about competition host Mario Lopez and his interactions with contestants including Caitlin Upton, primarily based fully on The Washington Post.

When the program’s host requested Carlson if he thought that may perchance recent excellent points, announcing he believed the contestant changed into as soon as 17, Carlson acknowledged that Lopez “gets a pass.”

“She’d potentially be a reasonably merely wife,” Carlson remarked in a single other share of the audio. “Within the event you had a wife that dumb, would or no longer it is merely or putrid?” 

“She’s so dumb. She’s weak. She’s like a wounded gazelle separated from the herd.” 

Upton, a contestant from South Carolina in 2007, changed into as soon as broadly mocked online after a blunder on stage when requested a pair of pollshowing that a fifth of People couldn’t stumble on the U.S. on a draw. She later told Unusual York Journal in 2015 that she struggled for years over the 2d.

“I undoubtedly went by diagram of a length where I changed into as soon as very, very heart-broken,” Upton told the journal then, announcing she additionally practical suicide.

Fox Files did no longer straight reply to a put a matter to for comment Wednesday in regards to the most modern audio recording.

Right here’s the 1/3 batch of Carlson’s radio appearances to resurface this week from Media Matters.

On Sunday, the left-cruise neighborhood released audio whereby Carlson may perchance additionally be heard performing to demand an slay to rape defend approved pointers and calling girls “extremely passe” greater than a decade ago.

In extra audio the outlet released, Carlson may perchance additionally be heard announcing he would vote for a president who wished to shatter “lunatic Muslims” and that the Congressional Shaded Caucus “exists accountable the white man for the whole lot.”

Carlson, following the preliminary e-newsletter of his remarks, refused to command regret, tweeting Monday that Media Matters had caught him announcing one thing “sportive.”

He additionally gave a monologue on his TV program Monday whereby he doubled down on his refusal, announcing he wouldn’t “bow to the mob.”

“For the explanation that day we went on the air, they’ve been working laborious to shatter this indicate,” he acknowledged.

“There’s no pretending that it’s no longer occurring. It goes on. And so going forward, we’ll be conserving their efforts to plan us be peaceful.”


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