Don’t dread, ‘Friends’ isn’t leaving Netflix anytime soon

Don’t dread, ‘Friends’ isn’t leaving Netflix anytime soon

1000’s of cyber web customers had been understandably upset this morning when a gross rumor surfaced that “Friends” would possibly possibly well be eradicated from Netflix on January 1, 2019.

Despite tons of stories confirming the news, Netflix took to Twitter to verify the liked slapstick sitcom wouldn’t be going wherever, as a minimum not in 2019, and followers in all areas breathed a deliver of relief.

However I’d instruct any “Friends” virgins to launch binge-gazing now on memoir of the series is anticipated to transition to Warner Bros.’ possess streaming platform in 2020, in accordance with The Hollywood Reporter. That provider is purported to be launching on the end of 2019.

We’ve reached out to Netflix to verify.

As we work to score to the underside of this, please revel on this 100-tweet thread on why Rachel Green and Ross Geller had been a truly awful match.


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