Colorado votes to abolish slavery

Colorado votes to abolish slavery

Colorado voters on Tuesday voted in favor of an amendment to the inform’s Structure that will fully abolish slavery, striking language that enables slavery or involuntary servitude in the case that it’s miles “a punishment for crime.” 

Sixty-5 % of voters voted in make stronger of the amendment, which changes Article II, Fragment 26 of Colorado’s Structure to inform, “There shall by no method be on this inform either slavery or involuntary servitude.” Thirty-seven % of voters voted in opposition to the change.

The amendment wanted fifty five % make stronger to slither.

A identical amendment failed two years previously as a result of voters have been puzzled about what it meant, NPR reported.

“Proponents [of the amendment], at the side of Abolish Slavery Colorado, argue that the inform structure will must be up to this level as a result of it represents a time when now not all folk have been seen as human beings or handled with dignity,” Colorado Public Radio reported. “Opponents yelp the change could possibly well moreover lead to proper uncertainty around contemporary prisoner work practices in the inform.”

The U.S. Structure’s thirteenth Amendment serene entails a clause that bans slavery and servitude “other than as a punishment.” 

Critics have expressed danger that the original language will fabricate it unconstitutional for incarcerated contributors to work in prisons, Colorado Public Radio reported. 

“Actually prisoners’ complaints will invoke this measure to reach claims in opposition to our prisons,” Richard Collins, a professor on the College of Colorado-Boulder’s law college, told NPR. “What will our courts create with that?”


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