Change Battery & Signal Icon In Any Smartphone


 Follow the Below Process to Change battery & Signal icon In smartphone

1 open root explorer and got

2 Then scroll down and open system folder.

3 searching , you will get a file namely SystemUI.apk , now hold your finger on it , a few options will pop out choose extract all option.

click here  ->    custom signal icon

4 and extract file that you have custom icon and select all png and copy them into extracted system ui<< res<<drawble hdpi

◆ It will display a dialog that the pngs are already existing, check do this to all items option and press overwrite button.

◆ After all pngs get replaced check (mark) the SystemUI folder and click options then select zip this folder option

When the zip file gets created completely, it will display an option goto zip click the option

After that check (mark) and click options, choose rename option and change its name from to SystemUI.apk and press ok button.

After that browse to system/app folder and paste it there.
It will display a warning dialog like this

Now check all (mark all) apps in system/app folder and click options and select set permissions option.

 and tick the option given in below image

Now Restart your phone to see changes. final result

                                                            Same as battery icon


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